Sebastian Campos - Class of 2014

Currently a junior at Mullen High School, he says, "Honestly I would not be the man I am today without the lessons learned during my time at St. Francis de Sales."  Sebastian believes thh SFdS community -- composed of the qualified and passionate educators, the student body and the families are united in a mutual relationship built upon support for each other.  This community, "provided me with the necessary skills to get where I am today" he explains.  Sebastian prays for the students of St. Francis to absorb all the knowledge they can from this academic family.  Sebastian claims, "St. Francis de Sales opened the door for me to become a well-rounded and competitive individual, preparing me for the rigors of my new academic home at Mullen High School.  Now I begin the college admissions process, working towards my goal of being accepted into West Point.  The athletic programs I was involved in at St. Francis helped me to develop into a varsity runner and wrestler at Mullen."  In fact this year Sebastian wrestled in the state wrestling meet.  "Above all else, I am thrilled to be able to continue my faith as I am involved in the liturgical committee at Mullen."