St. Francis de Sales PreK

The Foundations for their Future


Preschool Philosophy

At St. Francis de Sales, we strive to create an environment that is safe, loving and nurturing to assist with the cognitive and physical development of each child.  Our teachers provide both a structured, religious and loving environment, as well as a play-based curriculum that not only meets the interests and needs of each child, but also encourages children to learn through hands-on experiences.  We understand that all children are diverse in their learning styles and talents, and are committed to enhancing their sense of belonging in the classroom by collaborating partnerships with parents.  We encourage parents to participate in the classroom and work with teachers to create successful experiences for their children.  By providing children with diverse experiences though a multicultural curriculum, children can begin to understand who they are as an individual, respect the differences in themselves and others, and begin to develop a positive sense of self that sets them up for future success.

PreKindergarten purpose

The purpose of St. Francis de Sales pre-kindergarten program is to educate and shape young minds to prepare them for elementary school.  The pre-kindergarten program focuses primarily on play-based academics, religious instruction, and social skills that help prepare children for kindergarten and the grades beyond.  It also helps children become accustomed to elementary school schedules.


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